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Founder of Regional Reclaim Ministries. Author, teacher and actor. I am a man of God devoted to the expansion of God's Kingdom through bible training, academic education and community development. We have established a school and after school tutoring program, a Discipleship training school and a micro loan program. We are now building homes for people living in poor living conditions and have an infirmary on our school site to care for the general health and dental needs of our community.

I have authored my first book “The Simplicity Of Evangelism” 

Our mission: Mission Statement: Regional Reclaim Ministries-Restoring the individual, Regenerating Small Business, Revitalizing land productivity-community by community.


In November of 2015 I released my podcast series "intensity with pastor Mike". The podcast is full of life challenging and life changing teachings and sermons. I have also started to interview some very interesting people who have powerful redemptive stories.  You can find the podcast series at iTunes/podcasts, search for "intensity with pastor Mike", download the podcast and begin to be challenged by the truth of the word of God and other peoples stories. Peace to you in Jesus, Pastor Mike E

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