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Leon M. Byrd, Jr.

Ministry Leader


Our Journey

EncourageMen began in 2009 when three men met for breakfast on a Saturday morning to discuss their lives and encourage each other in Christ through some very tough times. They knew that this kind of Godly fellowship would better equip them to fight for their lives and families. Each had a passion to become the priests of their homes and ultimately have a substantial impact on their families and communities.


With prayer, fellowship, and the foundational scripture leading their journey, doing life together began.  As God began to impact their lives, the three men invited other men to join them. The goal was to create a safe place where men would feel comfortable connecting over breakfast to encourage each other while growing closer to God.  The fellowship grew into a band of Godly brothers coupled with the promise, “what’s shared in the meeting stays in the meeting."


Years later, EncourageMen now has over 350 national subscribers receiving an invitation to the weekly meetings at Three locations.  The breakfast meetings have grown to more than 25 brothers encouraging one another in Christ.  Together they continue building the faith and character of men and equipping them to be all that God has called them to be.  EncourageMen has become a part of finding solutions to tough issues in marriage, career, family, and faith with Christ as a foundation. What price would a man pay to save a marriage, life or soul?  We know that it is priceless or perhaps the cost of bagel and coffee every Saturday at 7:00am. TGBTG…

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