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Michael  Larche

EncourageMen Member

Lithonia, GA


EncourageMen Ministries is more that just an assembling of a group of men, for the sake of doing so.


 It's a charge by God to assemble, there is an encounter with the Lord at EVERY Meeting without fail!! 

EncourageMen has been life-saving for me, knowing I'm not alone in the struggles that life brings, other men struggle just like me. 


Being apart of EM has strengthen my walk with the Lord, "Iron Sharpens Iron", we glean wisdom from each other and accountability.


Finally, there is nothing more Powerful than Men Praying, Encouraging, Supporting each other, and calling on the Name of the Lord for each other, Together!!! All the while growing and developing a Vertical Intimate Relationship with the Father in order to grow and develop a Horizonal Intimate Relationship with your Brothers!!! 


EncourageMen Ministries encourages you to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus Christ, Give it a try!!!



Michael Larche

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