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Laura Mayfield Tharp

Panera Bread Customer

Snellville, GA


Over the years, Panera has become my Study oasis on Saturday Mornings. I decided on Panera over Starbucks, IHOP and the library because of a phenomenon that occurs at Panera early on Saturday mornings. A group of men, and not a small group, gather together to dive deeper into their faith, together. I sit close enough to hear, but far enough to not interrupt. I am amazed at the dedication of these men. Honestly, I have never seen a group of men pull together to pursue God in this fashion. Women hold Bible studies all the time, but men? Praying together? Showing their weaknesses to each other to make the group stronger? I am amazed by their faithfulness. I don’t make it every Saturday, but I am blessed when I get to eavesdrop on their time of fellowship.I have added a picture that I took many months ago. I was studying Contracts as the group studied the Covenant.

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