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Janes Castro

EncourageMen Member

Dacula, GA


In April of 2023, the Lord led me to EncourageMen as a 41-year-old man-child who was lost in the world, wandering aimlessly and outside my purpose.


I was a “good guy”…but missing God. And without God in your life, there is incompleteness, loneliness, and a feeling of never being understood or accepted. With the help of EncourageMen, I have been blessed to renew my connection with Jesus by finding like-minded men who have encouraged me to seek God first and foremost. Since then, God has been leading me as the husband and father I was meant to be.


For any man who has found themselves lost and alone, I say come to Jesus, the giver of life. Here at EncourageMen, you’ll learn about him and know how to put Jesus’ teachings into practice so that you may find the courage and comfort to face everything the world will throw at you. I know I have.

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