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Herb Hoffman

EncourageMen Member

Fuquary-Varina, NC


I came to "Know" EncourageMen through a co-worker/friend and felt a calling to assist the mission financially while never attending a single meeting. Fast forward several years, and facing five months of unemployment, I was drawn to "see" what I had supported. What I saw and experienced was a group of men that share a love of Christ. I now "Know" what the mission is about as it has fed me, comforted me and encouraged me while allowing me to do the same in return. When I first shared an opportunity for a job in North Carolina, Leon replied "That's too far away". When I told them of the faith based ownership and leadership we all realized this was God's calling for me. The love and support from the men has helped make what should have been a tough move away into an incredible changing of my life season. I have come to know the calm that living and sharing a Christ filled life can bring. I thank EncourageMen for being on this journey with me.


Miss you buddy, but loving the journey.

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