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David Clack

EncourageMen Member

Snellville, GA


I have been a regular at our EncourageMen group meetings for just over two years. From the first meeting that I attended until the last, I have always received a blessing. 


Saturday, December 21, 2014 was a very special blessing for all that were in attendance.  God allowed us to bless someone in need.  This is very dynamic group of Godly men. I can feel God’s power and love when I am in the presence of this group.


I feel that I have grown spiritually and my faith is stronger as a result of being a part of this group of men.  I thank God for directing me to the EncourageMen group and for the love and support I have received from all of my Brothers in Christ. 


This is a “Do Not Miss Meeting” for me, God willing.

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