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Randy Brown

EncourageMen Member

Lilburn, GA


In 2009 I was invited to meet with some friends on a Saturday morning to discuss life.  The more we met, the more I began to share my hardship, joys, etc… with them. Those meetings led to the development of EncourageMen.  This became a place where I am able to have men support me when I am low points and rejoice in my victories.  In addition I am able to share the stories of my life to encourage others. My wife and my children noticed I became a better man with a stronger relationship with Christ. All through a meeting on Saturdays..

Nine years later people ask why do I continue to attend EncourageMen meetings. There are several reasons, but there are 2 that resonate the most. One is being place where I can share my life without any judgment.  The other is I realized I needed something more than Sunday service and/or bible studies.
There are guys like myself out there who need a place of refuge to be men.  That is why I continue to invite them to EncourageMen, because I was one of them. God bless EncourageMen Ministries.

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