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Clayborn Knight

EncourageMen Member

Snellville, GA


I’ve been a part of EncourageMen for the last 3 years and the men have seen me in both up and down times. I've been on the giving and the receiving end of encouragement and it makes a big difference. I’ve made friends and established a brotherhood that otherwise would not have happened.   The camaraderie that exists with the men is genuine.  Often it has been likened to a locker room where we can just be real with each other.  We check each other when necessary and we pat on the back when appropriate.  What I like is that the men put action behind their words.  The men pray together and we help to hold each other accountable. What I realize is that the more I invest in the group, the more I am able to gain from the group.  With EncourageMen, no man is an island.


Clayborn Knight

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