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Anthony James

EncourageMen Member

Hoschton, GA


EncourageMen Ministries has been a sanctuary for men, offering a safe space to break free from the chains of bondage, fear, addiction, violence, and various other physical and spiritual afflictions.


For me, and I believe many others, the journey has involved relinquishing the pride that stifles God's voice within us.  The men I've encountered here have bravely set aside their flaws, ages, and pasts as sacrifices for the life-affirming freedom found in Christ.


Our mission is to let this freedom shine as a beacon, guiding others to glimpse what God's love looks like.  It's about embodying the spirit of Jesus at home, in leisure, at work, and in all aspects of life.


I am profoundly grateful for the community of witnesses that God has gathered within EncourageMen Ministries.  It's my hope that many more will, in their unique way and in God's timing, discover the profound joy of eternal relationships with God and men.

Best regards,


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