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Aaron Gordon

EncourageMen Member

Harrisonburg, VA


One of the biggest reasons that I enjoy the ministry of EncourageMen, is the willingness of men to be transparent and vulnerable while seeking Godly solutions and encouragement from each other. I live in Virginia but I am compelled to attend as many virtual meetings as possible. The gift of true brotherhood in the body of Christ is desperately needed and this is what I've found here each and every time. There has not been one time that I've attended where I wasn't strengthened, encouraged, and motivated towards God's definition of manhood through the stories and words of these men. I have never been so close to men who are so far away and EncourageMen is to thank for that. When men turn their hearts towards God, families, communities, and nations change. I am so grateful for this platform and it's work towards making men better through Christ!

Aaron P. Gordon

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